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1. Should I register on the website to gain access to all the materials?

No, there is no registration required

2. Which languages can I learn with the TLC Pack materials?

With the TLC Pack materials you can learn: English, German, Spanish, Greek, Italian and Dutch

3. Do other language versions exist?

No, the TLC Pack materials will exist in 6 languages only

4. Will the modules in the content be specified by titles, e.g. Module 1 Medication?

Yes, the manual is structured in a very clear way and each of the modules are specified by the title. Each module is divided into 5 units, and the units in turn are specified by their own titles

5. Should I follow the order of the modules, starting from the first?

The TLC Pack material is structured in such a way that the user doesn't have to follow the order of modules, but can freely choose which module to start with and which one to continue on to (for example, a user can start on the 5th module and move on to the 6th followed by the 2nd without a problem). It is even possible to use just one module required by the user at a specific time

6. Should I follow the order of the units within a module?

Yes, it is strongly recommended to follow the order of the units inside a module. The activities (excercises) become progressively more difficult from the 1st unit to the 5th

7. Is it possible to profit from TLC Pack materials when working as a language teacher with regular classes?

Yes, of course. A language teacher can use the TLC Pack manual as a base for his/her lessons, choosing just some of the excercises/resources and modifying them if necessary

8. Are the materials protected by copyright or other intellectual property laws? How do I ask for authorized use of the materials?

Yes, the TLC Pack is protected by the copyright agreement and is the property of the project partners. For authorisation for reproduction/distribution/public utilisation for educational/teaching and training purposes, of any of the TLC Pack project materials, or part of them, please contact the co-respective national project partner (contact information for partners can be found on the "Partners" page) or the coordinator of the project

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